What We Value


These values are rooted in the habits of the early church:


The Story


We gather to listen and learn the Biblical story of how God works in the world. We learn how all play a meaningful part in something bigger than ourselves.

These are some ways we are hearing the story:

  • Preaching - Every sermon is rooted in the Biblical story.

  • Wednesday Book Studies - honest, thoughtful, and open conversation

  • Artwork and celebrating the Church calendar

  • Kids learn the Story through stories taught Sundays and for one-week in the summer.

  • Living Nativity - Reenacting the story every December for our neighborhood

The Fellowship

We work together to care for one another, and partner with others to love our neighbors. We share what God has given us, whether it’s skill, wealth, or time. Everyone has something to give and receive.

These are some ways we are caring for folks in our neighborhood, and beyond:

  • Meals provided, practical support to folks in our congregation

  • Faith Family Hospitality— housing homeless families

  • Warming Place — Sunday evening shelter

  • Angel Tree — Christmas time

  • Bobby and Jenny Mihsil — working with orphans and young leaders in Côte d'Ivoire

We don’t do any of this on our own. We partner with other churches, agencies, and the city. And we invite you to help us.


The Table

Our community revolves around tables. First is God’s Table, where we lift up our hearts and receive the gift of Communion. We also gather around other tables — at home and at church — and share joys and burdens. Everyone has a seat at these tables.

These are some ways we share life at tables:

  • monthly potlucks

  • seasonal banquets

The Prayers

We gather weekly to lift up the world to God in prayer, asking, “How is this part of Your restoration of all things?” And we take time to tend to our souls through prayer — as a congregation on Sundays, in small groups, and one-on-one.

These are some ways we participate in soul-formation through prayer:

  • Sunday morning worship

  • Annual retreats for men and women

  • A group of people committed to pray for requests


We have been blessed to follow God’s heart by working to help homeless families through Peak and FFH.
— Linda, member of Peak