Make sense of your story in God's story.


Ever feel disjointed or uprooted? The fragmentation wears on us and can make it a struggle to find community.

Peak longs to be a place where different stories converge and find common meaning in God.



We're a diverse group of individuals.  It's about your unique story becoming part of a larger community, not how you can fit into our vision.

What we value



We want you to be energized about church again. Let's get you using your unique gifts as we walk out our faith and life together in an authentic way.

Start a conversation


Church should never be a show.  Help us become people of purpose and intention who make a difference in our community.

What we do in the community



Church should be a sanctuary and a place of healing. We've all been wounded at some point. This is a place where you can be honest and listened to.

Talk with Eddy

“To be loved and honored for who God has made me and who God wants me to become is such a blessing.”
— Treanna, member of Peak


New to Peak?

You are always welcome to join us for our Sunday worship.   But we'd love to get to know you personally and how we can support you wherever you are in life.



Talk w/ Eddy

Call or set up a meeting to chat with our pastor Eddy Hopkins.  He's an easy-going chap.


Share your story

Let's talk about your unique life story and where you are now.


Discover what God is doing in your life

We'll help you see afresh who God has made you to be and to what you are called.


We’ve been faithfully serving Fort Collins for 67 years. Help us to continue this commitment!