Find God in ordinary life


Sunday service 10:00 am, 500 Mathews Fort Collins

A church building is not the only place to find God.

God meets us everywhere.

We go to church to “clean our spectacles” so we can better see the ways “Christ plays in ten thousand places” (G.M. Hopkins).



Summer Sermon Series: Tend Faith — The Letter of James. For James, faith is not a switch you turn on and off. It is not a little coin you use to get something. It grows, like most good things, and must be tended. On Sundays we are learning how together.

Summer Book Study, Wednesdays at Wolverine Farm Publick House (316 Willow St), 6:00 pm — We’re reading The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr. Copies available upon request. Click here for more info.

Open Positions:

Peak is looking for an enthusiastic person devoted to kids to fill an opening for a part-time Director of Children’s Ministry. We are also open to combining this role with the Office Administrator position (or the two may remain separate). Anyone interested should send an e-mail to Eddy Hopkins (



Different kinds of people come here.

What we value



Grow deep roots, and far reaching branches.

Start a conversation


Church is not a show.  Help us become a people who make a difference in our community.

What we do in the community



This is a safe place. We’re not here to fix you. We walk with each other.

Talk with Eddy

“To be loved and honored for who God has made me and who God wants me to become is such a blessing.”
— Treanna, member of Peak


New to Peak?

You are always welcome to join us for our Sunday worship.   But we'd love to get to know you personally, and find out how we can support you wherever you are in life.



Talk w/ Eddy

Call or set up a meeting to chat with our pastor Eddy Hopkins.  Beverage on him.


Share your story

Let's talk about where you’ve been & where you are now.


Discover what God is doing in your life

We'll help you see afresh who God has made you to be and to what you are called.


We’ve been faithfully serving Fort Collins for 68 years. Help us to continue this commitment!